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Updated: Aug 18, 2022

21:38 PM: My laptop just flashed ‘Battery Saver On’ and ironically, I feel largely similar.

Sipping a gin and tonic on a Tuesday evening watching Love Island and checking the baby monitor every 6.5 minutes to make sure my baby is ok after his jabs. Who even am I, hun?

Thinking, “I should really put the pots away”, “I should have a shower”, “I should fold the baby’s clothes”… and yet, I’m lying here and I FINALLY found some divine inspiration to actually start this blog that I’ve been meaning to start for about 12 months.

I can’t start my first ever blog, without saying ‘Welcome, one and all!!” It only took me 13 years to put my Uni degree in Journalism to some good use. Well, it might not be good use, but we’ll see.

It’s my hope that this reaches the right people (and that is anyone willing to read long enough without reaching for a sick bucket, rolling your eyes, or yawning)… and all being well, some lovely couples who are embarking on their wedding planning journey and need just a little bit of guidance when it comes to wedding stationery. After all, that is what I specialise in.

But, what I also am, is a 'work-at-home' mum of one; a 'mumpreneur' so to speak, so throughout this little blog writing journey, you will also find my brain dumps (POV?), my total honesty when it comes to being a full-time work-at-home mum of one, a wife and a doggy mama and running a full-time wedding stationery business, whilst trying to stay hydrated, eat, exercise and get 8 hours sleep and look rejuvenated without the need for fillers and botox (thank the heavens for Instagram filters).

Along the way, I will also share my super, duper top tips for planning your wedding and what to keep an eye out for when it comes to wedding stationery.

I promise, it won’t all just be about me splurging my guts on how bad done to us ‘mumpreneurs’* are, because quite frankly, I wouldn’t change our little family/work setup for the world.

Mumprenuer [n o u n] a woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children.

And hey, who knows, if I get enough people that find my general mutterings on of any interest, I will beg some industry experts in the world of weddings, to take part in some interviews and share their specialist knowledge.

Well, that’s the goal anyway… let’s see if I can keep up with this.

So, let’s begin…

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