Luxury 350gsm textured card featuring a minimal menu design with square place card in dusky blush colour and white, with a silk or velvet ribbon and gold eyelet. 


  • Menu 14.8 x 10.5 white textured card
  • Place card 4.8 x 4.8 blush printed textured card
  • 350 gsm
  • Gold eyelet
  • Velvet or silk blush ribbon 


  • Please supply your final guest list at least 8 weeks prior to your wedding day or event to allow for production time, as these are all handmade and ensure spellings are correct. 

    Please allow 3 working days for delivery of your product within the UK and up to 7 days for international orders. 

    Please note, additional accessories such as tassels do come attached to your product. 

    If you have any questions at all, please email